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Tamarack ATV Boxes

Classic and Titan Series ATV Boxes in Ohio and nearby areas

In 1997, the Tamarack™ Wrap-Around Quad Trunk™ was introduced to the ATV industry and changed the way people transported gear on their ATVs forever.  Therefore, now with 10 distinct models to choose from. So, Tamarack ATV boxes in Ohio have evolved through the years and offer something for everyone.

Not all ATV boxes are created equal. Therefore, Tamarack boxes are made from UV-stabilized, virgin linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Other boxes made of re-ground plastics or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) will not withstand the same abuse that a Tamarack can. LLDPE has greater impact resistance since it is not rigid and brittle like HPDE. So, our ATV boxes will withstand an impact of 50-foot pounds even at a chilling negative 40 degrees!  

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Wrap-Around Quad Trunk - Part # W-1300

The original Quad Trunk™ to which all others are compared, and a must-have for those who want to bring everything along! Tamarack’s™ most recognizable model, the Wrap-Around Quad Trunk™ combines practicality with style by providing a generous 3.5 cubic feet of lockable, DRY storage space, with a sleek, contoured design. Watertight lid ensures that your valuables such as clothing, electronic equipment, & food are protected from the elements. The storage area is large enough to hold almost anything you wish to take with you, while providing a comfortable U-shaped back/armrest to relax when the quad is parked.

Put away those tools for building a wooden box, and get rid of that cooler! Why settle for that, when you can have a TRUNK?

MSRP: $229.99

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Standard Quad Trunk - Part # S-1400

Not the type to put your feet up and relax? Then the Tamarack™ Standard Quad Trunk™ is just for you! This rugged ATV box has 3 cubic feet of storage space, almost as much as the Wrap-Around model, just without the U-shaped armrest. This comes in handy for ATV riders who prefer plenty of space behind them while riding aggressively.

With the Tamarack™ Standard box, you can still enjoy sport-style ATV riding with the convenience of DRY cargo storage space!

Price: $219.99

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Classic Lounger - Part # L-1500

Now you can store all your important items and have a comfortable, ergonomically contoured SEAT CUSHION all in one! The Tamarack™ Lounger® features over 3 cubic feet of storage space and is great for relaxing on your stationary quad, or to remove to use as a seat in the field. Simply disconnect the (optional, sold separately) Tamarack™ quick-release straps, and place in your desired location. You not only enjoy a comfortable seat in the great outdoors, you have your stored items right WITH you!

The Tamarack™ Lounger® is a perfect storage box for any ATV rider who wants comfort to be a part of his or her outing! *

Price: $279.99

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Low Center Front Box - Part # F-1900

The Tamarack™ Classic Low-Center Front Box is a storage box with a low-profile center that is perfect for use on any ATV with a headlight on the handlebars, or for those who need more storage area than our Regular Front Box provides. Fits most 6-pack sized coolers, which you can strap securely inside the box. The versatility of this box makes it a hit with hunters, campers, and trail riders. Not too big…not too small, rugged, and looks excellent with any Tamarack™ rear ATV box.

Price: $139.99

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Classic Front Box - Part # F-1600

If you are looking for a smaller compartment to store ATV traveling necessities, the Tamarack™ Front Box is more than accommodating at 1.5 cubic feet of storage space! It is ideal for keeping utility items such as tow straps, first aid kits, oil, tools, & flares separate from your valuables. For easy accessibility, the latches face the driver. It also works just as well on the REAR ATV rack for those who do not require the generous storage space of a Quad Trunk™.

With a rugged, aerodynamic look, the Tamarack™ Front Box looks terrific with any Tamarack Quad Trunk™ and will complement any style sport-utility ATV.

Price: $129.99

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Titan Series Lounger - Part # TS-4000

We took our very popular Classic Lounger® and created smaller storage box with the primary feature being a built-in seat with a higher backrest, and padded armrests that are lower-profile than the Classic Lounger®. The small and stylish Titan™ Lounger® provides an affordable, comfortable seat that looks great on any ATV.

Price: $289.99

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Titan Series Deluxe Lounger with LED 3000- Part # TS-3000

The Grand-Daddy of all seat-style boxes on the market – this is the largest and most comfortable! This giant storage box has a super-bright LED tail/brake light, padded handgrips with integrated hand protectors, and is roomy enough to pack plenty of cargo. Our ultra-strong steel latches secure the lid in seconds! For added security, a key lock is included. Go ahead and treat yourself to the BEST ATV seat box on the market – the Tamarack™ Titan Series™ Deluxe Lounger®.

Price: $379.99

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Titan Series Luxury Lounger - Part # TS-8000

Meet the Titan Series Lounger’s® big brother!  The Luxury Lounger® features key-lockable storage space all the way around the seat with individual opening arms that can be open from a seated position.  Designed with molded in hand grips, this larger storage box offers a thick, comfortable seat – cozy enough to fall asleep in.  Similar products on the market use plastic latches and buckles. Don’t settle for the rest when you can have the best

Price: $299.99

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Titan Series Cargo-Rest - Part # TS-2000

For those of you looking for a large cargo box similar to our Classic Series™ Wrap-Around Quad Trunk™, the Cargo-Rest Trunk is a great choice. Featuring a roomy, watertight interior large enough to hold two full-face helmets or a chain saw, this spacious box will fit all the gear you need. This box also has a comfortable padded backrest and two integrated interior cup holders. Equipped with rugged steel latches and separate key lock, you can decide whether to lock your box, or allow quick-and-easy access. With the Titan Series™ Cargo-Rest Trunk, you can take it all with you!

Price: $269.99

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Titan Series V-Front Box - Part # TS-5100

Our new V-Front box solves the problem of visibility while maintaining style and storage.  Therefore, the better choice for those with high beam headlights on the handlebars, this box has the same 1.5 cubic ft. of dry storage as our Classic Series Front Box. The V-Front box is also key lockable, with a heavy duty steel latch, and also features a foam gasket and bright yellow reflectors.

Price: $149.99